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What does it mean to be the most certified Spanish wood pellet?

Más Heat

Our net calorific value is 9% higher than required by the international standards. If you buy 140 bags of Bioforestal Pellet + on average per year, it’s as if 12 of them were free.

This is due to the efficiency of our drying process, as well as to the fact that Bioforestal Pellet + is produced with high quality roundwood and other pine by-products from local industries.

Más Savings

Bioforestal Pellet + has an average moisture content of 5.2%, compared to the maximum 10% established by the ENplus and DINplus standards = 0.72 kg of extra wood per bag = 100 kg of pellet that you save each year.

This is possible thanks to the efficiency of our drying process, and to the attention paid to the storage conditions until the product arrives to our distributors and to the end user.

Más Sustainability

All the raw material used in the production process comes from sustainably managed forests, so around 140,000 tonnes of wood are replanted every year.

We avoid the emission of around 5,420 kg of CO2 per year for each household that uses wood pellets for heating.

* Estimated value for a 120 m2 building, taking into account the national consumption average for a heating oil.


We take all the measures within reach to offer a product with lower ash content (0.5% vs. 0.7%) and less than half the fines (0.2% vs. 0.5%) = less waste generation = less time spent cleaning and maintaining your stove or boiler.

This is possible thanks to the debarking of the raw material before starting the production process and to the durability of the pellet explained largely by the quality of the raw material used.